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Arch Environmental Compliance Service Associates, LLC was founded in 2011 out of a desire to bring about positive change in the home inspection and real estate industries. We are intent on taking the home inspector from a cohort of the real estate agent to a true advocate for the home buyer or client.

Our latest focus, in wake of hurricane Irene and the growing number of allergy suffers in our area, has been mold inspection, sampling and consultation. We use indoor air quality testing combined with thorough mold investigation to help you lower the mold counts within your home.

We have a strong passion for charity and are frequent donors to local charity auctions and causes. We believe in keeping local money local and helping your neighbor, these are principles that help us succeed in business everyday. We have several projects and discounts going at any one time with many other local business that can be found on

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Arch Environmental Compliance Service Associates, LLC has been in business for 1 years.

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They were prompt and courteous and the report was extremely detailed.
Sue - Averill Park
We had a mold emergency so we contacted ALLBCI and the owner himself was at our apartment within the hour. He stayed until all our questions were answered and acted as a moderator between our landlord and us. Truly excellent customer service.
Lequana - Delmar
We had a slight mold problem in our bathroom. It turned out our bathroom vent fan was undersized. When they entered our attic to check the fans duct work they found mold around a recent leak. We had poor air circulation in our attic and if they didn't catch the leak when they did the entire attic would have been full of mold within the year, costing us thousands. They're thorough, honest and fair priced.
Andrew - Greenville