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Let the licensed and certified experts at Arch Environmental Compliance Service Associates, LLC help you take control of your home’s mold problems. Whether you can physically see mold growing or you just suspect a problem, but can’t find the source we can help. We have the expertise and the technology to find the mold, identify it and help you improve your home’s air quality. Don’t let your family suffer from mold induced allergies or asthma needlessly. We can show you how to improve your home’s air quality while protecting your home from further future mold related damage.

Arch Environmental Compliance Service Associates, LLC is a new age company with an old fashion work ethic. This means we provide you with cutting edge services and reporting while striving for a level of customer service better known in eras gone by.

Open 7 days a week don’t hesitate to call, text or email us with any questions or concerns. We offer a full line of home inspection, testing and consulting services.., simply put, f you have a concern with your home or property we most likely have the answer.

Licenses / Credentials:

• New York State Licensed Home Inspector #16000052214
• Certified Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
• Certified Mold Inspector & Assessor by Environmental Solutions Association

We Specialize In:

  • Mold Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Sampling for Lab Analysis
  • Pre and Post Remediation Sampling
  • Mold Consulting

Albany Mold Inspection Service: Protecting You and Your Family

Are you worried about the effects that mold might have on the health of you and your family? Maybe it’s time to call your local Albany Mold Inspection Service to schedule a home inspection and know for sure. The news is full of stories about mold. People are becoming more aware of the impact that mold can have on a home and the health of its occupants.

A study by the Mayo clinic has shown that approximately 37 million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. It is thought by many that mold may be the culprit in the majority of these cases. Problems with mold can be difficult to solve and it’s easier and actually safer to call the Albany Mold Inspection Service than trying to solve the problem on your own. They can do a home inspection along with mold testing to determine the extent of the problem, and help you find a mold removal service if necessary.

Albany Mold Inspection Service: Tracking Down the Mold

Molds have been around for millions of years and are found everywhere in our environment. Experts believe that there may be more than 100,000 different types of mold but only about 200 of these have been identified. When conditions are right mold can grow out of control. Adequate moisture and a food source is all they need. It requires a professional Albany Mold Inspection Service to do a total building inspection and locate the problem.

Sources of moisture include unchecked plumbing leaks, leaks in the roof, condensation around windows or other poorly insulated areas, kitchen or bath exhaust fans that aren’t vented properly and air conditioner or refrigerator drip pans. Homes located in flood prone areas or those with improper grading around the foundation or clogged gutters are also apt to have serious problems with mold. If you have any of these conditions in your home, you might want to contact a knowledgeable Albany Mold Inspection Service to do an entire home inspection.

Albany Mold Inspection Service: Health Effects of Mold

Mold can cause a number of health problems Young children, the elderly or those with a compromised immune system are most at risk. Sensitivity to mold can develop from long term exposure. This is why it’s so important to contact your local Albany Mold Inspection Service for a home inspection as soon as you suspect a problem.

Symptoms of mold exposure include a stuffy or runny nose, eye irritations, dry cough, headaches, asthma or other respiratory problems or even skin rashes. If you or a family member has any of the symptoms of mold exposure, air sampling and mold testing by a professional Albany Mold Inspection Service may be your first step in determining the extent of the problem in your home.

Albany Mold Inspection Service: The Solution

The Albany Mold Inspection Service will begin by investigating the history of the home to determine if there has been any water damage in the past. They will conduct a thorough inspection looking for existing conditions that could cause mold growth. Air samples will be taken, both inside and outside the home. Depending on their findings, additional mold testing may be recommended by the Albany Mold Inspection Service.

The Albany Mold Inspection Service will help you find a mold removal contractor to do the cleanup if the home inspection shows that mold is a health issue for your family. Cleanup involves isolating the contaminated area to avoid spreading the mold spores throughout the rest of the home and bagging up and removing any contaminated materials. Materials that can’t be removed, such as structural supports and plumbing, will be cleaned and treated with a biocide.

Albany Mold Inspection Service: Prevention

Once the cleanup is complete the Albany Mold Inspection Service may do further mold testing of the air quality to determine if mold is still present. To rid your home completely of the mold it may be necessary to reapply the biocide and have further mold testing done until the problem is resolved. Your Albany Mold Inspection Service can also advise you about steps you can take to prevent future mold problems. They may suggest that you have certain repairs done, install better ventilation or use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the home.

If you believe you have a mold problem in your home, it’s not advisable that you try to tackle it yourself. Many of the mold removal products that you can buy in the store don’t work well on toxic mold. In an attempt to do the job yourself, you may only spread the mold spores throughout the home. If you suspect mold is an issue you should call in a professional Albany Mold Inspection Service.

A home inspection by the Albany Mold Inspection Service will help you to determine exactly what you’re dealing with and what steps you’ll need to take to get the mold problem under control and completely eradicated. They work with state of the art equipment and testing facilities that won’t leave you guessing if your DIY mold removal products or methods are working.

A qualified Albany Mold Inspection Service can do a home inspection with professional mold testing that will identify the source of the mold and let you know how serious it is. They will then talk with you about your options for fixing the problem. Call your Albany Mold Inspection Service today if you’re tired of suffering from poor indoor air quality that may be caused by mold.

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They were prompt and courteous and the report was extremely detailed.
Sue - Averill Park
We had a mold emergency so we contacted ALLBCI and the owner himself was at our apartment within the hour. He stayed until all our questions were answered and acted as a moderator between our landlord and us. Truly excellent customer service.
Lequana - Delmar
We had a slight mold problem in our bathroom. It turned out our bathroom vent fan was undersized. When they entered our attic to check the fans duct work they found mold around a recent leak. We had poor air circulation in our attic and if they didn't catch the leak when they did the entire attic would have been full of mold within the year, costing us thousands. They're thorough, honest and fair priced.
Andrew - Greenville